Why do i feel electricity in my hands when i touch metal

I was holding my lamp in one hand and touching my laptop in the other and it happened too. It's usually stronger in one hand than the other, depending on the order i touch things in. I can switch it around so one hand feels more. Sometimes, it's painful. If i move my hand away from a greater power source, it doesn't hurt as much though. It is SO weird, it's nothing like static electricity or anything.

I can feel and control how much electricity goes through my hands. It makes me scared to touch things! I have yet to find anything helpful online. It's all about static electricity, which isn't the case. Sounds like the grounding system is poor or possibly dry. A lack of moisture in the ground can increase the resistivity and allow more to flow thru you.

Also if your hands are moist, it will form a better conduction path.

Pain In The Wrist & Electricity Like Shocks Through My Hand

However since you are not a complete circuit there is no shock to you. But the fact that you feel anything means that the housing is not properly grounded.

You should buy a small wall AC checker to see if the wiring is correct and then measure the soil resistivity to find out if there is a ground rod problem. Trending News. Lucille Ball's great-granddaughter dies at Many bottled water brands contain toxic chemicals: Report. A warning sign for Trump at The Villages in Florida.

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Scientists debunk Pence debate claim on hurricanes. NBA star Kevin Love's honest talk about mental health. Virginia health officials warn of venomous caterpillars. Cuban shares update on Delonte West's recovery.Static electricity can be a bother when it shocks you unexpectedly, but during the winter months and when working with electronics, the static shocks can become frequent and painful — and disastrous if a surprise shock ruins an electronic component.

If you are shocked often, take steps to dispel a static charge from your body and prevent yourself from being shocked in the future. Static electricity is the buildup of an electric charge in a given location.

Why do my hands feel current (electricity) when i touch things suddenly?

Some materials, such as glass, hair and some fabrics, give up electrons easily. When they experience friction, electrons build up and result in a shock. The easiest way to remove a static charge from your body is to touch a grounded object like the screws on a light switch panel. To prevent static buildup entirely, raise the humidity level in a room, moisturize your skin, or use an ionizer to rebalance the electrons in an area to prevent static from forming in the first place.

Static electricity is the result of an electric charge buildup in a particular location. When electrons are given up by materials like glass, hair or certain types of fabric via friction, and those electrons build up voltage, the material becomes likely to attract an electric current, which we feel as a static shock, also known as electrostatic discharge.

There are several easy ways to prevent the electron buildup. The easiest way to dispel static electricity from your body is to wait it out. If you feel your hair starting to stand up and know that the shock is coming, you can sit still. By stopping the friction that created the electron buildup in the first place, the static electricity naturally dissipates within a few minutes.

The fastest way to get rid of static electricity in the body is to let the electricity do what it wants — discharge from your body into the ground. To allow this, touch any conductive material not isolated from the ground such as the screw on a light switch's panel or a metal streetlight pole. You can also remove your shoes and socks and stand on the ground if you are outside.

To prevent the buildup of static electricity, take steps to reduce the amount of potential friction in a given space. One of the easiest ways to do this is to apply moisturizer to dry skin, particularly during the winter when cold, dry air allows electrons to travel more easily. You can also use an ionizer to rebalance the lost electrons in a room and prevent static buildup.

If your clothing is the problem, minimize the amount of polyester and nylon you wear or — especially in the winter — ensure that you wear a material that builds less static, like percent cotton or wool between the problem fabric and your skin. Blake Flournoy is a writer, reporter, and researcher based out of Baltimore, MD.

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Physics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for active researchers, academics and students of physics. It only takes a minute to sign up. When my wife uses her laptop, if I touch her skin, I can feel a buzz. She doesn't feel the buzz, but she can hear it if I touch her ear. But why would she not feel anything, and what would it be that she would be hearing when I touch her ear?

why do i feel electricity in my hands when i touch metal

The effect is only intermitent - it's pretty reliable in a single session on the laptop, but some sessions it won't happen and others it will. I had the same sensation with a desk lamp that I had several years ago, with no moving parts as far as I could tell.

I was playing with my son, and noticed the same buzz. First I thought he was touching the laptop.

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Then I realised he had skin-to-skin contact with my wife who was using the laptop. I felt this and even drew sparks from it on a product I was working on, and was very worried, but after a lot of research and the standard government safety testing, it was deemed normal.

A small amount of touch current is allowed because it is not considered harmful. It happens with devices which have isolated transformers but the primary side is not grounded. There is a small amount of capacitance across the transformer isolation especially in switch-mode power supplies, which require extra capacitance here to prevent EMIwhich means the chassis will be at line voltage relative to Earth if you measure it with a voltmeter, but the capacitance is small so no significant current can flow.

If you concentrate the current to a very small point by brushing two metal surfaces together, so that microscopic spikes touch each other momentarilythe metal will melt and make sparks. If you press the metal tightly together, nothing will happen. I also noticed that if I rubbed a shielded object against my skin the shield of a cablethe friction sensation felt different with the power on and power off. This effect occurs very often when touching electronic devices that are connected to the power mains.

You can verify that it is the connect to the power mains: unplug the power adapter and all other connections to other devices connected to the power mains and try again. The effect will be gone away. It can best be felt also by the person touched if you touch with one finger only and move the finger you can feel the difference on conducting surface areas of the device also.

What you are feeling is inducted power mains frequency so its probably Hz if you have a 50 Hz power mains or Hz if you have 60 Hz power mains.

Its due to residual transductance of the live AC current into the shielding of the device.

Static Electricity Control Measures

Get an earthed plug and it will disappear. I've experienced the issue in dozens of shielded but unearthed electrical appliances, not just laptops. It feels exactly like a vibration when you move the finger over the surface but it's not, my guess is that the mechanoreceptive nerve-endings in the skin react to the small current. It's normal a little fugue current between primary and secondary of transformer but the AC plug have 3 conectors, 2 for voltage and the third is for GND groundperhaps your home installation haven't a good groundingcheck that!

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I agree with jonathon that it is vibration, although it is far more likely to be the laptop fan, rather than the hard drive. Why she doesn't feel it? The human body has vibration receptors, and I'm sure she notices the laptop vibrating when she turns it on. However, like with all constant stimuli, but particularly touch, our brains are great at blocking them out. I suspect that the fact it happens to her whole body makes the effect even greater, as there is no sensory discrimination from different nerves.

You touch her, and two things are different. For you, it is a new sensation, and it is occurring in your hand alone. If you held her for a while, while focussing on something else, you would probably stop noticing.

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.I stuck my hand in my above-ground pool and got a mild electric shock. Other people were standing around the pool with their hands in the water, and they didn't get shocked; also, the heater and filter system was turned off.

I asked a really brainy person in my family if it was a static electric shock like when you touch a metal doorknobbut he said that it's impossible to get a static shock from touching water; you have to get it from touching metal. I'm skeptical about that, because how else would I have gotten shocked by a swimming pool? Anybody know what happened here? I really want to know! Both times I got a shock, and they lasted until I pulled my hand out.

Static electric shocks are normally caused when static electricity has built up in YOUR body and the shock happens when you discharge to a ground. We notice the shocks on pieces of metal that are grounded because metals are good conductors and they carry the electricity away quickly.

why do i feel electricity in my hands when i touch metal

It's not normally the metal shocking us, it's us shocking the metal unless you are talking about a large ungrounded metal object that has picked up a charge from friction--such as a car. Any water but the purest distilled and deionized water is a good conductor of electricty and can also therefore ground a static charge. Ever see lightning hit the ocean or a lake? That is a static shock to a body of water, direct proof that it is possible to get a static shock by touching water. I often get static electricity shocks at the drinking fountain at work when the water hits my lips.

People who say this is impossible don't know what they're talking about. OK, that being said, we need to figure out what happened to you. Do you remember if the shock you got was a quick single pinprick-like jolt, or was it a long, buzzing-like shock?

If you just got a quick zap, that would be indicative of a static shock-- it happens really fast until the charged source becomes discharged--usually on the order of milliseconds. That would also be more likely if you were wearing shoes or something to prevent you from being grounded. The pool should be grounded, so the charge should have gone from you to the pool. Unlikelier is that the pool is completely ungrounded and somehow picked up a charge and discharged through you.

A second and more dangerous scenario is that you were barefoot or standing in a wet area and the pool had an electrical short circuit that grounded through you. Other people wouldn't have felt it if they were wearing shoes or standing on dry ground. A properly designed pool should be grounded and all appliances should have ground fault circuit interrupt GFCI protection. A GFCI detects if there is any discharge to the ground which would result in a shock when you touch the water and cuts the circuit off.

If the pool is not properly GFCI protected, you should have an electrician inspect it as soon as possible before someone gets electrocuted. The shock from a leaking appliance would not happen all at once, rather, it would be a long buzzing shock that would not stop until you remove your hand from the water.

Make absolute sure that this is not what happened to you, please. You said this is an above-ground pool.Why do my hands feel current electricity when i touch things suddenly? It is because of Static Current present in our body. Sometimes it is produced more so that when ever you touch any Metal you feel Electric sparks. Static electrical energy.

You become a miniature lightning bolt interior the wintertime The shuffling of your ft and the rustling of your clothing against your physique strip electrons from the clothing and shoes. Then all those electrons permit lose unexpectedly and go out with a spark on the floor you touch a door, a motor vehicle, yet another guy or woman interior the summertimeit won't take place. The humidity interior the air wets the surfaces of your clothing and shoes and the electrical powered charge does not carry jointly it in simple terms runs off your physique as quickly because it accumulates.

No, seriously though, it seems like static electricity builds up on me especially a lot during winter. That's all that's happening to you. Be sure to shock your friends, pets, coworkers, parents, and anyone else you can to make your winters more enjoyable.

And every individuals got different sensing power means feel of power. Trending News.

Why do my hands feel current (electricity) when i touch things suddenly?

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Many bottled water brands contain toxic chemicals: Report. Cuban shares update on Delonte West's recovery.

why do i feel electricity in my hands when i touch metal

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If it's very scary, then it can work to your advantage. Take over the world!! Rahul mohan m. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Waqas Abdul Majeed Lv 5. You have a superpower Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.This is called electrostatic discharge.

When two objects are rubbed together especially insulators with a large surface area like, clothes, plastics, car seats, paper, or even cat fur, electrons small bits of matter found in atoms that are resonsible for carrying all electrical charges are transferred from one object to another through a process called the triboelectric effect.

why do i feel electricity in my hands when i touch metal

The charges are then transfered and stored in the conductive you. You basically become a capacitor an electronic device that stores electricity electrostatically. After a sufficiently large enough difference of electrical potentential, commonly known as voltage, has built up on the surface of your body it will seek to ground or neutralize itself.

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When this happens a spark of static electricity leaps from your finger to a conductive surface in less than a billionth second causing an audible snap from the rapid heating and expansion of air, a jolt from the electricity stimulating your nerve endings, and a funny tingly sensation as electrons flow extremely quickly over the surface of your skin towards ground.

Voltages from electrostatic dischage can run from a few hundred volts up to about 50,V and can easily damage sensitive electronic components.

The shuffling of your feet and the rustling of your clothes against your body strip electrons from the clothing and shoes. In the winter time, humidity is low and surface conduction is poor so the electrons build up on your skin surface until you touch a ground directly.

Then all those electrons let lose suddenly and exit with a spark on the ground you touch a door, a car, another person. In the summerit won't happen. The humidity in the air wets the surfaces of your clothes and shoes and the electric charge doesn't accumulate it just runs off your body as fast as it accumulates.

It is called the triboelectric effect. It occurs when you rub an object with a different electron affinity than your skin. Different materials have different preferences for having electron surpluses or electron deficits.

This is what causes the triboelectric effect. Humans cannot tell if they have an electron surplus or an electron deficit. For this reason, all static electricity discharges feel alike. All we really feel is the severeness of the discharge.

It can also be caused by friction. Trending News. Lucille Ball's great-granddaughter dies at Many bottled water brands contain toxic chemicals: Report. A warning sign for Trump at The Villages in Florida. NBA star Kevin Love's honest talk about mental health. Scientists debunk Pence debate claim on hurricanes. Virginia health officials warn of venomous caterpillars. Cuban shares update on Delonte West's recovery. Video of ICE agents stopping Black jogger.

Small town in Texas unites for justice for Jonathan Price. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Simply put, you are experiencing static electricity. Static electricity. You become a miniature lightning bolt in the wintertime The shuffling of your feet and the rustling of your clothes against your body strip electrons from the clothing and shoes.Top Rated Discussions. Log In. Tagged Discussions. Does anyone know what this could be caused from?

My hand keeps getting an electric shock like feeling with tingling. Do you think its from carpal tunnel or could it be coming from my cervical spine? I have both problems so I dont know which one its coming from. For me it was a ruptured disc at c The shock ran down to my pinky finger and the one next to it. Surgery didn't help. Can't say though what is causing it for you though. You might want to revisit your doc. I do have many problems in my cervical spine, I had buldging disc at those locations at last mri maybe they have ruptured or is that the same thing.

I think its coming from my neck because it effects the middle,ring and pinky finger which I believe the nerves are in the neck. I think it could be either or it could be something else, but since tingling in the hand can also be a flag for a heart attack I think you should see your doctor. How long has it been going on? Its been coming and going for a month now. It could be coming from anywhere, but I get this in my arms because a nerve get trapped in my neck, from an injury I had years ago.

But it could also be circulatory problems, and I would certainly get it medically checked out, if you are not sure what it is. Once you know what something is, you can know what to do about it. I think your fingers have become very weak.

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Try giving your fingers a days rest and see how it feels. Also dip your fingers in warm water to make the blood circulate in it.

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