Flysky gt3b manual

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I think getting a whole new radio system is the wrong and most expensive way to fix your glitching. Manula popped open the radio to check and see if the silver colored radios have the same revision the green ones have. Street price dollars. The reversed selector wheel is a known flaw and I have it listed under flaws on the first post.

I ran for about two hours today and really glad I purchased this radio.

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Find More Posts by Yamsaab. Fs-yt3c More Posts by muney. Originally Posted by muney. Does anyone know how to reset this handset. X oz -Overall a more compact radio Flaws of the GT3C -Power switch problems with Orange colored models only may be corrected on second run orange colored models.

I got my GT3C today!!! If anyone wants to voice their opinion or experiences with the radio, please feel free to do so. The usb port is only for charging so I maual a computer would not be able to recognize the radio. Manuzl Posted by wombat. Was able to bind it easily and then pop in the disk for the manual and now I got to figure this thing out. Go through all your settings and return them to stock settings then rebind the reciever and finally try to recalibrate the esc.

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Over time the firmware was completely rewritten to add functionality well beyond what is traditionally offered in any budget pistol grip radio.

Some of these additional features are:. While all this extra functionality sounds amazing, there are some downfalls to consider.

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The first downfall, is that someone has to actually install this firmware to the radio. One can't just wiggle their nose and twiddle their thumbs and get an instant upgrade. The install process requires buying programmers, opening up the radio, connecting the circuit board to a computer Another downfall is that this firmware is for a budget radio with a rather low build quality.

The budget part of the equation is great but as the radio's operator becomes more of a "pro", then a high end radio like a Futaba 4PKS or Airtronics M12 may become more desirable. This is because they have a much better build quality and a more reliable, faster connection between the transmitter and receiver. However, this new 0. That can have many answers, but should be a consideration when comparing which radio to get.

The other major downfall with this new firmware is complicated setting adjustment. So in order to offer all these settings, a lot of abbreviations and "hidden" menu's were created.

However, psx did a excellent job at organizing this into a very manageable user interface that can easily be navigated with the firmware manual and after enough time in the menu's, the abbreviations are recognizable. Let's go through each downfall listed above. Some reading and patience, the firmware install is very manageable for the average joe that has basic tool skills. So chip flashing or dealing with code is never an issue.

Originally we only had the Flysky GT3B. The Flysky GT3B is ugly, heavy, and not ergonomic; the build quality is quite low also. One of the main upgrades is the Voltage Regulator VR mod.

The stock VR is an generic old school linear regulator. It took the 12 volt power from the battery and turned it into 5 volts by wasting voltage as heat.We have no control over your flying skill, behavior or the conditions you have chosen to fly in.

I printed this off with a canon printer, in booklet mode. Find More Posts by Harry E.

Fly Sky FS-GT2B Instruction Manual

We reserves the right to amend this policy without further notification s. Subscribe to get exclusive coupons and deals! Send a private message to mc The little light on the reciever should start flashing. Get notified when product is back in stock:.

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Thanx, i just printed this out for my records! Also turn off the transmitter and turn it back on without holding the bind button. So I decided to write my own manual for this radio with his firmware. SKY Hawkeye S 5. Pictures of the receiver and the transmitter would be helpful.

Returned merchandise must be received from our customer before we will process and ship out any replacement. I love this system! We tested all products before shipment as we stated above, if you have any problem with the aircraft or other product s you ordered from us, please report it at the time when you received the shipment not after use please.

Did I mention I love this system!!!!!!!!!!!!! What took the longest was deciphering the instructions. If you do not agree to our terms, please do not make the order. If they did I would happily buy another of these radios just to have that function too. Find More Posts by Fast1Guy. Find More Posts by mc It will be very helpful for future set up. Could have used a slightly bigger font.

Customer will be responsible for the return shipping cost to send return back to us. Find More Posts by padams The gt3 and gt3b use the exact same reciever. Nice, took me a while to get it figured out with the old manual, this will be a big help! However if its similar to the spektrum radios I have owned in the past, fs-ht3b their is probably a menu option somewhere to set the transmitter into a bind mode.Guy at our pond came out 2 weeks ago with one of these running in his boat and i liked the feel manuao the radio, and it seemed to worry pretty good.

I think you may be able to download a manual their. Find More Posts by Fast1Guy. Let me know if this works. Find More Posts by Smashy Smasherton. Please read the operating manual before use. Does not work correctly as others have reported. Send a private message to Smashy Smasherton. Send a private message to ken webb.

Also turn off the transmitter and turn it back on without holding the bind button. If its like the Futaba gear and there is a bind button on the unit, more than likely you need to hold the bind key down and then turn the transmitter on.

All merchandise should be returned to us by shipping fss-gt3b with safe method which provides proof of shipment just in case your item does not reach ffs-gt3b.

Did I mention I love this system!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find More Posts by GerryH. Subscribe to get exclusive coupons and deals!

flysky gt3b manual

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Learn from our Tutorials. Find More Posts by Velociraptor These are available on hobbypartz. I sold around 15 units of that radio here in Brazil and all the customers are more than satisfied. The little light on the reciever should go solid after a fs—gt3b seconds, after it does release the bind button,power down the vs-gt3b, thenremove the plug with the wire loop from the reciever.

Could have used a slightly bigger font.New customer? Start here. Please check your email and verify your account within 7 days.

01: Introduction to the GT3B/GT3C

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Shop All Categories. Share to: Share for the first three times everyday and get 5 Points per time. Brand: FlySky.

Setting up a hacked Flysky GT3c for a Traxxas TRX4 truck

See all 26 Reviews. Pre-orders Pre-orders. QAR QR. BHD BD. SAR S. JOD J.Search for a topic or article FAQ Flysky 0. Following each questions are link s to an article s that indirectly answer the question and provide other relevant information. Why isn't channel 3 working? Why is channels 4 through 8 missing in all the men The 0.

This firmware has been through numerous revisions. The original intent of the firmware was to fix the bugs the stock firmware has, an example of a bug is the exponential The basic functionality is nearly the same as stock.

flysky gt3b manual

The menu items are what they appear to be with a short enter click. Below are descriptions of what each one does and how to use it. Scroll Wheel: The scroll wheel is used to make an adjustment. The home screen for the 0. If another screen is displayed just press back or end afew times. The home screen has 4 different objects that can be displayed; the transmitter battery v The main menu is the easiest menu to use, this is because it is the only menu that is clear on what is being adjusted.

To access this menu make sure the home screen active then display either the battery voltage or the model name. There should be around 60 different models available to be loaded into active memory; a model is basically a saved file that holds all the settings Purpose: The Name menu is used to change the 3 character name of the currently selected Model. So not only are models represent by numbers in the Model Menu.I never did, but it was reassuming to know at least there was someone on the other line I could call up if I had an immediate question.

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flysky gt3b manual

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