Easiest 9mm slide to rack 2019

So how do you deal with racking the slide on an auto pistol without accidentally shooting yourself or someone else? First off, the operation of a semi-automatic pistol requires that you rack the slide to load it. Secondly, and more importantly, if racking the slide is hard for you then you are more likely to break the two most important safety rules — you might accidentally put your finger on the trigger or point the muzzle of the gun at someone while struggling with trying to manipulate your slide.

There are a few keys to racking the slide that you need to understand, that will be explained more completely in almost any demonstration of how to rack the slide and in the upcoming video.

First, you are fighting the recoil spring in the gun. This is the spring in an auto pistol that sends the slide back into battery after firing a shot. Different guns have different strength recoil springs, and just as important, new er guns have stronger recoil springs because these springs get weaker the more you use them.

In short, the more you rack the slide on your gun and the more you shoot it, the easier it will be to manipulate the slide. This also means that some guns have easier to manipulate slides just by virtue of their design more on that later. Luckily, you have enough strength in your upper body your chest, shoulders, and upper arms to overcome these little recoil springs … but only if you use the right technique. One, use your strong hand to PUSH the gun instead of trying to pull the slide ….

Two, use your bodyweight and hips to help push the slide.

easiest 9mm slide to rack 2019

Your body weighs more than weight of the recoil spring, so you can do it if you put your weight into it …. Then you do it more and your body learns the movement and strengthens the muscles needed to perform the movement.

If you seriously, legitimately, have put in a LOT of practice and you simply have bad grip strength in your hands due to worsening arthritis or some other medical issue then it might be smart to look into gear changes to help deal with the issue.

In short, different guns have different levels of difficulty manipulating their slides.

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For example, in this article there appears to be a Sig. On the whole, two very good videos. I have just two nits to pick.

In the initial picture at the top of the page, the woman has her weak hand cupped under her firing hand. She might be better served by being instructed to take a full two-handed grip on the gun, especially as it seems to have a higher than usual bore axis, which usually means more perceived recoil. My other point is that in the second video, the young lady is demonstrating with a hammer fired gun that has the hammer cocked.

She failed to point out the advantage of this method, which leaves the user compressing only the recoil spring, not recoil and hammer springs combined. You have an excellent site full of useful information. Keep up the good work! I have been disabled for 23 years. So I have lost a lot of strength in my hands. Your video showed me away to rack the slide.

The best part is that I can rack the slide faster then I did before.

easiest 9mm slide to rack 2019

I Thank you this information will be extremely great to know if I wind up in a gun fight. Another trick to rackng a slide, is to.Toggle navigation. Best Semiauto Handguns for Women [] Women are the largest growing demographic of handgun owners for self-defense.

More women than ever are also starting to carry concealed pistols for protection, and also attending beginner classes to learn how to operate a firearm. However, the struggle to find the right firearm can be difficult.

Some semiauto pistols stand out as excellent choices for women looking for their first firearm. But while. It was becoming apparent that an increasing number of women were buying guns for self-defense. EAA saw it as an untapped market, so they decided to offer semiautomatic handguns for women. But instead, they made something women could use with ease. Of course, the first thing most people notice is the multitude of colors and unique finishes the Pavona frames have. This includes blue, pink, purple and black.

The frame features one color but has silver speckles to create an interesting, unique appearance. Interestingly, the all-black models have gold speckles. Although this handgun is attractive, EAA designed the mechanics of this gun especially for women. The Pavona features a lightweight polymer frame that is easier to conceal and carry. EAA lightened the hammer and recoil springs on this weapon to make the weapon easier to rack.

Some women have trouble with reliably and quickly racking an automatic handgun. Anybody, male or female, can learn to rack a weapon. However, this takes time and training. Why we love the Witness Pavona: The Pavona has an off-the-shelf design that works. The only major changes are the size and the use of a polymer frame over a metal frame.

This is a plus because the hammer-fired design allows the shooter to cock the hammer manually, which reduces even more pressure from racking the slide. The Pavona is medium in size and chambered in. The capacity for the.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 9mm Pistol – First Look

However, this is one of the biggest semiautomatic handguns for women, so another benefit is recoil management. Less recoil means greater accuracy and faster follow-up shots. The design of the grip is comfortable for shooters with small hands.

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Interestingly, EAA sacrificed a few rounds of capacity to ensure a thin and comfortable grip. The gun also has a low bore axis that adds more comfort and ease of use during rapid fire. But the Pavona is a lot more than a pretty face on a new gun.

The design comes from a tested source, so it is superbly effective yet quite affordable. The Concealed Carry Pistol was built to be easy to use by shooters of any size or strength level. Also, the CCP is a compact firearm that Walther chambered in 9mm. The CCP is fed by an eight-round single-stack magazine.By chapNovember 22, in Handguns.

I took my wife to the range yesterday. Was her second time shooting ever the first was when she qualified for her HCP a few months ago. She shot her little Walther P22 that we bought for her first pistol. She was shooting the bulls eye out of the targets at 25 yards. She then proceeded to blow the center out of the target again.

Easiest racking pistol around? ***M\u0026P 9 Shield EZ***

It was freakin' crazy!! She is a better shot than I am after 2 visits!! Anyway, she really liked the 9mm, handled the recoil with no problem but she had alot of problem mustering the strength to rack the slide. Now she wants a 9mm, which makes me happy. Ultimately it is going to be what she likes best and what fits her hand, but to get us started, can anyone recommend a 9mm that has a relatively easy slide to rack that my wife might enjoy?

Have her grasp the slide with weak hand and then push the pistol forward with strong hand. Maybe that will help. My wife had the same problem until she got the FNP Some are difficult but for the most part she should be OK with the above advise. My wife can rack a Glock or a so she's pretty much good to go.

Also, try holding the pistol close to her chest, rather than at arm's length away. That will give her more leverage, and arrange her arms to work against each other better.

Keep in mind that she may need to turn sideways slightly so that the muzzle is still pointed downrange while she does this. One other thing: make sure she keeps her finger well-away from the trigger when she does this. We just went through this with my mother.Hi, having a bit of arthritis in my wrists, I am looking at pistols. Today I shot a Sig P that was fairly easy to rack and had minimum recoil. Any suggestions for a 9mm compact to mid sized pistol that you would recommend for ease of racking and minimal recoil?

Sigcock hammer before racking slide? Also the. Wife loves hers and it is very easy to operate. Thanks Zee for the suggestion. I think I will stay with 9mm especially because the the cost of the ammo. Raygunn, I thought Mossberg only made shotguns. This post has been quite informative.

I went to Mossberg site and the MC1 looks to have a nice ergonomic design. Almost any polymer 9mm will offer reduced recoils over any metal frame. Easy to shoot, easy to use, easy to conceal. There are many of them. I would suggest going to a good range that offers rentals and try several.

Maybe you should also consider a revolver? Carries very well, smooth trigger. Also that little Charter Pro should shoot very east… just a thought.

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Note that Charter also makes a 9 mm revolver. A touch smaller than the shield, grip safety which when it comes to external safeties this is personally my favoriteand extremely easy to rack back. I usually demonstrate it with two fingers gripping the slide and 2 gripping the frame to show just how easy it is to move.

Pat i noticed you mentioned youd like to stay with 9mm. Introduced at shot show this year. Stoeger also introduced a single stack firearm at the shot show. Both pretty easy to handle and light weight. The Kimber EVO again, introduced at shot show is a striker fire 9 and slide moves nicely.

The firearm is a bit on the heavy side in comparison which will absorb some of the recoil you mentioned. PPS M2 is a road worth traveling down. Comes with multiple different capacity mags. Makes it great to conceal or send a lot of lead downrange. Walther CCP is also nice to rack back. Walther has a promo going on. Whoa, where to begin??? Lots of new firearms this year.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ Gets 9mm Treatment

All of the posts have been very helpful-Thanks!This much anticipated release is the next evolution of the personal protection pistol. Accuracy testing a rifle begins with building a good shooting position. Too often, shooters so The Trijicon SRO is specifically designed for pistol use.

The wide field of view and clean, crisp dot makes it easy for users to find and track the dot in both target and competitive shooting applications. Match bullet. We look at long-range tech and see how to make shots previously thought impossible. See More Popular Videos. Some guns are easier to work with than others, but the Ruger American Rifle doesn't require an All Guns and Ammo subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content.

This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.

Get Digital Access. Subscribe To The Magazine. Recommended Articles. Sign Me Up. Accessories 5. Black Hills Evolution of Rifle Cartridge:. Get Digital Access Not a Subscriber? Subscribe Now.Choosing a single stack 9mm is becoming increasingly popular for anyone wanting to comfortably conceal their pistol throughout the day.

The single stack set-up usually gives the gun more streamlined and lightweight characteristics. Plus, there is now a multitude of fantastic deals currently available of So in this article, we will run you through a selection of the best single stack subcompact 9mm pistols on the market.

Since the popularity of 9mm pistols has skyrocketed in recent years, there is a huge range of models available in Brand reputation might seem a little superficial for some.

easiest 9mm slide to rack 2019

Specifically, certain models from reputable brands shine out as being go-to compact pistols for concealed carry and self-defense. A good example of a popular weapon choice for these purposes is the LC9 models from Ruger.

These guns are known to be lightweight, very concealable, and good for home defense or for highly effective concealed carry. There are four main action types that we will cover in this article, which are striker-fired, double-action-only, double-action semi-automatic, and single-action. The double-action-only pistols are well suited for beginners as the trigger will be consistently the same every time you shoot it. Then we move on to the double-action semi-auto pistolswhich are usually favored by experienced pistol shooters that want something familiar.

Lastly, a single-action pistol is ideal for anyone wanting to let off one extremely urgent shot. This is due to the characteristically smooth, short, and light trigger pull. So it actually would also be good for shooters with limited hand strength. Trigger performance is entwined with the action types, but they can differ from gun to gun. The most desirable trigger traits on a subcompact 9mm have to be crispness, lightness, and a good reset.

Lastly, it seems quite obvious that a 9mm subcompact has been made for concealment. However, some manufacturers have done better jobs than others. Ideally, you should want a slimline, short, and lightweight pistol that can be hidden away and carry for long periods without any hassle, or it being seen.

We move straight onto this Taurus G2C 9mm model, which comes in dark purple and black. Also, the slide finish is matte black, and it comes with dark purple polymer grips.The coronavirus pandemic and resulting panic that left supermarket shelves bare has prompted people to consider how they would defend themselves and their loved ones during a national crisis.

People who imagined that they would never need a gun to defend themselves were awakened to the reality that personal protection is a personal responsibility. Today you can purchase a reliable, functional personal defense handgun for as little as a couple hundred dollars. But for many shooters—new shooters in particular—finding the right defensive pistol can be a challenge. The XD family of firearms is extensive, but even entry-level XD pistols are well-suited for personal defense.

The new XD Defend Your Legacy edition with a 3-inch barrel is available in 9mm, and since it measures just 1. The RD in the name means that these guns come equipped with a red dot optic. All SCCY CPX pistols are built with polymer grips and aluminum alloy receivers, and they have a double action-only trigger design, resulting in a long, but smooth, trigger pull.

Easy to carry and easy to operate, SCCY pistols offer a reliable gun for the money. The Kel-Tec PF9 is a 9mm compact pistol that was Introduced back in and is a solid choice for personal protection. These pistols are reliable and easy to operate, and their hardened machined steel slides and barrels stand up well to years of carry. The sights are basic but functional for shooting at close range and the lightweight polymer grips have square texturing that offers plenty of control without being overly aggressive.

The light, compact PF9 is easy to carry. With its 3. It fits easily in a pocket or IWB holster, and since it measures just. That makes it an ideal carry pistol with more firepower on tap than most competing single stack models. Takedown is fast and easy, the iron sights are the best in this price range, and these pistols come with both a manual and trigger safety. The glass-filled nylon grip frame allows for a comfortable but secure hold on the gun, and the hammer-fired design makes this gun reliable and easy to rack.

For decades, the John Browning-design Colt semiautomatic pistol was the sidearm of the United States military. American Soldiers carried these guns in World War I, Vietnam and just about every armed conflict in between. Over the years, many companies have built clones of the originaland the Rock Island Armory GI Standard is one of the best in its price range. That means overall length is about 8. With its Parkerized finish and wood grips, the G1 Standard looks very much like the original s carried by soldiers, and its trigger breaks cleanly at 4 to 6 pounds.

The sights are compact but functional, and the magazine holds nine rounds of 9mm ammo. The force required to rack the slide is far less than most other semiautos, and like athese guns feature both a grip safety and a manual safety manual safety optional.

Field stripping this gun is simple and the provided 8-round magazines offer thumb tabs for easier loading. When Stoeger introduced the STR-9it was clear that a lot of careful planning went into the design of this gun.

The grip is perfectly contoured for a comfortable, secure hold. With its 4. Hi-Point firearms are basic but functional, and they offer a tremendous amount of bang for the buck.

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The Hi-Point 9mm semiauto has a magazine capacity of 8 rounds, adjustable sights and durable polymer frames that stand up well to abuse. Hi-Point also offers a wide array pistol upgrades at minimal cost. Additionally, you can select from a number of exterior finish options that include pink and digital camo patterns. Hi-Point pistols come with a manual thumb safety and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Last year, Mossberg unveiled their first striker-fired semiauto 9mm pistol, the Mc1sc, and it quickly gained a reputation for excellent durability.

For starters, the clear polymer magazines are easy to load and show you exactly how many rounds are on tap.

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The new Taurus G3 9mm semiauto pistol comes with a polymer frame, steel slide, drift-adjustable sights and a magazine capacity of up to 17 rounds. Barrel length is 4 inches, but the Taurus measures just 1. The added sight radius and crisp, 6-pound trigger make this one of the most accurate pistols on the list, and there are several finish and frame color options from which to choose.

I reviewed a Taurus G3 last year and found that the pistol was reliable and offered excellent ergonomics.

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